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padangsambian, Bali
RP 1.375.000.000
Yogyakarta, Bali
RP 394.000.000
Renon, Bali

Gatsu Tengah, Bali
RP 4.500.000.000
Kuta, Bali
RP 375.000.000
Sanur, Bali
Jimbaran, Bali
RP 1.750.000.000

Wellcome to the Griya Bali Property - The kindest Property Info Provider in Bali

An outstanding investment offer in Southern of Bali

The Residence Jimbaran View.


The property sector grows rapidly in Bali. The price of a house increases dramatically and change barely everyday. So does the renting price. The annual tenancy cost may reach up over 10% of the property value. Assuming the annual bank interest (in Indonesia) is about 10%, the house can be possessed with only 20% down payment. The rest can be covered by the tenancy rent. Above all, choosing the location is the most essential consideration prior to buying a house. Indeed, this case can be applied subject to several factors and conditions.

Back to the fact that the house can be bought only with the 20% deposit, it is not surprising that many people buy properties in Bali for investment purposes. Yet, for those who do not realize this tricks, the soared price is such a frightening specter.  For those, the proceeding sentence is just like the tagline of a book which is unrealistic. 

We will guide you how to be a property investor by giving the tricks and advising you locations and type of property that is able to produce return of investment for more than 10%.   What you need to prepare is the just a courage to reveal a novel perspectives on properties that you may have never imagined before.  Whatever your professions are, regardless the amount of savings you have, you are entitled to become property investors. 

For those of you who are looking for a house to live in, now is the best time to make decisions. It's now or neverBecause delaying to buy, its mean ready to lose money tens and even hundreds millions as the trend of rising property prices will continue in the future. 
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